Fully-funded PhD projects available for application

Our studentships are fully-funded by UK Research Councils, charities or industry. Eligibility criteria vary so please check who is funding the project that you are interested. For projects funded by BBSRC, NERC and MRC, only UK and EU students who meet the UK residency requirements are eligible to apply (minimum of three years of continuous residency in the UK immediately prior to the start of the PhD). Projects funded by charities (Breast Cancer Now, British Heart Foundation, etc) are open to all UK and EU students. Tier 4 visa students are not eligible to apply to projects listed on this page (please visit our self-funded projects page).

The studentships cover: (i) an annual tax-free stipend at the standard Research Council rate (£14,533 for 2017-2018), but typically increases annually in line with inflation), (ii) research costs, and (iii) tuition fees at the UK/EU rate.

Please try to identify a research project that suits you.  This is to ensure a proper match between your research interests and your prospective supervisors. We do not encourage applications to more than one project however we would encourage informal discussions with different project supervisors to help you decide which project to apply to. Contact details for academic staff can be found on our staff pages.

BBSRC Industrial CASE Studentships

SupervisorsProject TitleResearch Area

Dr Michael Plevin, Dr Tyson Sharp (London) & Dr Rime Kerfah (Grenoble)

Unravelling the structural biology of a hypoxia scaffold protein using novel NMR approaches Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology

Prof Gavin Thomas and Prof Anthony Wilkinson

Understanding the molecular basis of body odour formation by the human microbiome Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Structural Biology

NERC Industrial CASE Studentships

 SupervisorsProject TitleResearch Area
Dr Ville Friman and Dr Daniel Jeffares Using population genomics to predict the epidemiology and evolution of R. solanacearum plant pathogen in the UK Agricultural Sciences, Bioinformatics, Evolution, Genetics, Microbiology

Other Studentships

SupervisorsProject TitleResearch Area
Dr Dawn Coverley and Prof Jennifer Potts Functional analysis of lung cancer-associated CIZ1B protein (Georgina Gatenby Scholarship)  Biochemistry, Cancer/Oncology, CellBiology/Development, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology