Keynote Speaker at Prestigious Australian Archaeology Conference

News | Posted on Friday 28 June 2024

John Schofield has been invited as the keynote speaker at the prestigious Australian Archaeological Association conference.

Cairns Queensland Australia skyline
Cairns (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

John Schofield has been invited to deliver the Keynote Lecture at this year's Australian Archaeological Association annual conference. The lecture, which reflects the subject of his new book on Wicked Problems, is entitled: 'The Deep Past and a Shared Future: Exploring Archaeology’s Role in Solving the World’s Most Urgent Challenges.'

John says: "As a Corresponding Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and a frequent visitor, it is such an honour to have been invited to speak at this prestigious event. I have learnt so much from Australian archaeologists and heritage practice since my first visit in 2001, and look forward to reflecting on that in my lecture."

The conference will be held at Cairns (Queensland) between 3 and 6 December on the theme of Sharing Archaeological Narratives.

John has also been invited to DJ the official conference dinner and party, which is a prestigious event and a highlight of AAA conferences.

He says: "This is also such an honour! I am thinking, too, that this must be the first time (in Archaeology at least) that the conference keynote speaker has also DJ'd the conference party. I am looking forward to a busy but exciting week, entertaining the 500 or so delegates in diverse ways, in the tropical heat of Cairns."

John (aka DJ Hippocampus) DJing at the recent Winckelmann Cup, an annual international football tournament for archaeologists, this year held in Oxford. (Photo: Caroline Schofield)