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Global Programmes

It is possible for York students, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, to apply to spend some of their university career at an overseas university. This page provides outline details of the current exchanges which are available. Students interested in pursuing these possibilities are advised to consult the Centre for Global Programmes’ Global opportunities by subject webpage and then to consult the Departmental Erasmus Co-ordinator/Chair of Board of Studies (for undergraduates) or the Chair of Graduate School Board (for postgraduates), at the earliest opportunity.

Study abroad

The University of York has a number of study abroad exchanges in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and South Africa which provide opportunities for undergraduates to spend a year at one of our partner institutions. This does not lengthen the overall period of your studies; the year abroad replaces the second year York for students on three-year degree programmes. Further details of the exchange destinations can be found on the Centre for Global Programmes’ webpage.

Summer opportunities

You may also be interested in the range of summer opportunities offered by the Centre for Global Programmes such as International Study Centres, Summer Schools and Travel Awards for independent projects. There may also be summer schools carried out by our staff and postgraduates.

Fieldwalking in Sikyion Greece