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Department of Archaeology Advisory Board

The Department of Archaeology's independent advisory board (DAAB) was established in 2012, following University of York guidance and recommendations to all departments to establish such boards in 2011. The guidance suggested that ‘Boards should comprise people of appropriate seniority who, while most will not be directly involved in university education, possess relevant and recent experience and/or knowledge of either the disciplinary area or the employment sector with which it is linked. They may also be people who have more general knowledge or influence that would be helpful to the department concerned, eg through knowledge of the research community relevant to the discipline, policy development, or marketing. Ideally, the skills of members would complement each other and, in total, cover the full range of learning and teaching and research activities.’

Key responsibilities of the DAAB include:

  • DAAB is an ‘Advisory’ Board. As such it does not play a formal role in the management of the Department and plays no part in its day-to-day operation, staffing matters, allocation of resources, or curriculum development and approval.
  • DAAB shares intelligence on matters relevant to the Department, including developments in the discipline, research opportunities, business and community relationships, and wider policy developments that might affect the work and research focus of the Department.
  • DAAB shares good practice about the promotion of the Department to key external audiences.
  • DAAB fosters good industry/professional links as appropriate.
  • DAAB advises on and supports initiatives that assist in the employability of graduates.
  • DAAB assists in identifying teaching, research and knowledge exchange activities.
  • DAAB is a dedicated group of people, many (but not all) with backgrounds in archaeology and heritage, but all fully committed to the Department, the subject and the students who come to York to study it.

Current membership: