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Why study post-graduate Archaeology in York?

York – A remarkable city to live and to study Archaeology

York is one of the best places in the UK for postgraduate study in Archaeology, Heritage or Conservation. Offering an unrivalled diversity of Master’s degree courses, York is the second largest postgraduate Archaeology teaching centre in the UK.

The architectural and archaeological heritage of York and the surrounding region makes it one of the best possible places to develop your professional skills and research potential. You will have access to an unrivalled array of significant archaeological and historical sites, buildings, monuments and resources. You will also have chance to work with some of the world’s leading prehistorians, archaeological scientists and historical archaeologists.

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Our philosophy of research-led teaching, cutting edge courses delivered via lectures, practicals, small group seminars and personal supervision, means that you will have a chance to gain experience through participation in a wide range of field and lab-based projects

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A university world-renowned for its archaeological expertise 

While the city and the region offer many compelling reasons for studying archaeology at York, the University and the Department of Archaeology department itself will ensure you maximise the opportunities available: 

  • We are recognised as a vibrant research community and centre of teaching excellence, and we were awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for this in 2011.
  • The department is engaged in a broad range of research, across the periods, much of it taking advantage of the strong inter-disciplinary ethos at York.
  • Each course is directed by a leading researcher in the field, who will bring their latest research directly into the learning environment.
  • You will develop a range of transferable skills that are highly valued by employers, opening the door to a wide variety of careers within and beyond the heritage sector and academia.
  • You will become part of our friendly community, which is based at the King’s Manor, a beautiful medieval building in the centre of York.
  • York is the hub for a number of European and global research projects, studying everything from early migration out of Africa through the re-colonisation of Europe after the last Ice Age, to 18th-century sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

Archaeological Expertise

Comprehensive study facilities and archaeological resources 

Students taking postgraduate Archaeology courses at the University of York have access to a wealth of advanced, well-equipped facilities to support their studies. These include: 

  • A dedicated IT suite with a full range of software, including generic and specialist archaeological packages and computing support from highly experienced experimental officers.
  • A comprehensive range of field survey equipment which can be used for project work.
  • Advanced metric survey equipment, including rectified photography, photogrammetry, laser scanning, CAD drawing and computer-modelling systems.
  • A wide range of laboratory facilities for archaeological analysis, including environmental and artefact processing, as well as specialist bioarchaeological facilities on campus.
  • Excellent libraries including the King’s Manor, which specialises in architectural history and conservation, the Minster Library, which holds extensive ecclesiastical and Antiquarian collections, and the JB Morrell Library, which houses excellent archaeological and architectural history collections. In addition, the City Library and Archives and the Borthwick Institute for Archives provide extensive collections of local records, cartographic and pictorial sources, civic and ecclesiastical records and architectural records.
  • The King’s Manor common room and refectory, which is open to all staff and students, with Wifi available across the site.

Comprehensive Study Facilities and Archaeological Resources