Requesting flexible retirement

Employees wishing to apply for flexible retirement should first discuss this with their line manager or Head of Department in accordance with the University's flexible working policy and procedure.

Employees should then apply for flexible retirement in writing using the flexible work request form.

All requests for flexible retirement should be discussed by the HoD with the relevant Faculty Dean or the Registrar at an early stage and before any applications are agreed and the form should be signed off by the relevant Faculty Dean or the Registrar.

The flexible retirement guidance and checklist should be used to support the decision making process


Applications for flexible retirement must be made a minimum of six months before the intended implementation date.

Considering applications

Line managers/Heads of Department will evaluate the potential benefits of the proposal to the department, section and/or the employee(s) and discuss these with the Faculty Dean or the Registrar. The flexible working policy and procedure details the grounds on which an application for flexible retirement may be refused.

The HoD should complete the relevant section of flexible working request form, outlining how the proposed arrangement is in the departmental and institutional interest. The HoD should provide information on the form setting out the range of activities that the individual will be undertaking on reduced hours. If there is any significant change to the role responsibilities in relation to the level at which the individual will be working, this should be discussed with the HR Partner to ensure that the role grading is appropriate.

Expectations of academic staff

Generally, for a member of academic staff it will be expected that they will undertake the full range of academic responsibilities ie. teaching, research and administration. Any change to this should be discussed with the Faculty Dean before an agreement to flexible retirement is reached. Clear role and performance expectations should be detailed on the flexible retirement application form.

The details of the new contractual arrangements will be formally confirmed in a letter from HR Services.

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