A health assessment must be conducted before anyone works on a project that involves the use of a Hazard Group 3 human pathogen.

This ensures that all individuals are cleared for work on the project and any risks identified can have appropriate measures put in place.

Health clearance is project specific so new projects or project team moves require the submission of a new health assessment questionnaire every time.

Health assessment questionnaire [docx]


All staff working with a Hazard Group 3 human pathogen must complete and return a health assessment before commencing work on the project.


Students allocated or proposing a project working with a Hazard Group 3 human pathogen should be instructed by their supervisor to complete a health assessment.

The project supervisor is responsible for ensuring the student has completed clearance before starting work on the project.

Academic visitors

Visitors from other institutions who are actively participating in work where a health clearance is required must complete their screening prior to work beginning on the project.

Screening is not required for one-off visits to observe projects.

Outcome of assessment

The outcome of assessments are emailed to the manager / supervisor, the individual screened and the departmental safety officer.

If any work restrictions are considered necessary to protect someone with or without a pre-existing health condition or disability, then the feasibility of these will be discussed with the manager / supervisor before the assessment is finalised.