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Welcome to Green Impact !

Chemistry At York receive Gold 

Chemistry.At.York receives Gold

Sociology receives Bronze

‌Sociology receives Bronze

Chemistry Teaching Labs receives Silver

Chemistry Teaching Labs receives Silver Labs

Information services receives Bronze

I‌nformation Services receives Bronze

Vanbrugh College receive bronze

VCs Department receives Bronze

Constantine achieve Silver GI awards

Constantine College receives Silver

GI Health Sciences receives Gold

G‌I Health Sciences receives Gold


What is Green Impact

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation programme run as part of the University's Carbon Management Plan. It is a national programme that rewards people's green habits in the workplace which is run by NUS on our behalf. Depending on the number of sustainability boosting actions you achieve from our workbook, your team will get awarded:

‌‌Bronze Green Impact Award logoSilver Green Impact Award logoGold Green Impact Award logo

If you are interested in greening your workplace or help the University reduce its carbon emissions, come and join us !

We are passionate about what we are doing and will support you as much as possible. For example we also help you with the actions by providing you with necessary resources to put them into place so you don't have to spend extra time designing them. Team to team mentoring is also encouraged so that everyone feels as supported as possible. 

You can have a look at the kind of actions we ask team to achieve by logging on the workbook. Follow the instruction on the box to the right

More on the Awards

The awards are presented in June along with a celebratory lunch ! Last year they were presented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Saul Tendler and attended by Heads of the Departments involved.

  • If you don't complete enough sustainable actions to reach Bronze you will still get a Working Towards Bronze Award.  ‌
  • All achievements are celebrated and there are special awards for efforts above and beyond the workbook (e.g. Environmental Hero)
  • After achieving Gold Award for 2 consecutive years, you get the opportunity of working on Excellence projects and get an Excellence Award.

If you want to get involved email us at to start greening your workplace today and get sustainability at York into action !

Get Involved

What are the benefits?

By being part of a Green Impact team, you will get the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment and be recognised for your efforts. The project emphasises team-work and project management, both being valuable and transferrable skills. The students involved also get valuable work experience with York Award and IEMA accredited training.

For Staff and Post-grads

1. Check if your workplace has got a team.

2. Email your team's lead to contact your Departmental team or alternatively email to get you started.

3. Register to access your Green Impact workbook using your University email address.

4. Either select to join an existing team to join or create a new team.

For Undergraduates

1. Get York award or IEMA accredited training for your work within Green Impact !

2. Register to become a Green Impact Project Assistant or audit the team's work after the workbook submission in March.

3. Email to get information on how to get involved.

How it works

Aiming for Bronze and Silver

  1. Register online and you will be given the option to either join an existing team or create a new one.
  2. Log in the online workbook and navigate to the most appropriate tab for your team.
  3. Choose the most appropriate tab for your area of work. (Bronze, Labs, Catering...) It is possible to do two different types of tab and get your team two separate awards!
  4. You will find the actions you have to take and how to implement them - simply follow the guidance in the workbook and then click 'done'.

The submission deadline for the workbook is the 2nd of March 2018. Start filling it in and get saving ! Email if you have any queries.

Aiming for Gold

In order to achieve a Gold Award, you have to have achieved all of the Bronze and Silver actions. You must then pick actions from the bonus tab on the online workbook and achieve 400 points in total. That's Gold for you!

Aiming for Excellence

Excellence projects allow you to plan and carry out your own sustainability project at the University. You can start Excellence once you've achieved Gold for 2 years running and must complete the 'Bronze' tab whilst working on Excellence so you keep revisiting the workbook whilst doing your project.

Examples of Excellence Projects teams at York are currently working on are:

  • Introduce mandatory talks on bin usage in the Biology labs for students and produce guidance on bin usage to be issued at each Biology practical
  • Include guidance on how to travel sustainably to Conferences' events

In 2017/18 we have 3 new teams who will be working on carrying out Excellence projects:

  • tHink gReen
  • Health Sciences
  • Chemistry At York

Green Impact 2017

2017 Awards

The table below shows all our teams who successfully gained accreditation in the 2016/17 cycle - join today to see your team here next year!



 Biology Teaching Labs  Working Towards Excellence
 York Conferences  Working Towards Excellence
 Alcuin College  Working Towards Excellence
 Chemistry At York  Gold
 Chemistry Teaching Labs  Silver Labs
 Economics and Related Studies  Working Towards Excellence
 Health Sciences  Gold
 Human Resources  Gold
 YUSU Catering Services  Working Towards Excellence

 Computer Science

 Careers  Gold
 Research and Entreprise  Gold
 WACL Waste Warriors  Gold
 Constantine College  Silver
 Green Chemistry  Bronze/ Bronze Labs
 Vanbrugh College  Gold
 Sociology  Bronze
 Vice-Chancellor's Department  Bronze
 UYSEG  Bronze
 Information Services  Bronze

‌‌‌New teams 2017/18

So far we have 3 new teams who have joined for 2017/18. These are : 

Halifax College


Special Awards in 2017 

Community Action - Jo Enderby

 Jo Enderby receives community action award 2017

Jo Enderby (tHink gReen) has been hailed HR "green organising Charity Queen" and achieved the Award as a result of her contributions to the community, including her Red Nose Day cake sale, Wimbledon themed staff picnic and Great HR Bake Off and tombola. She also took part in the Toilet Twinning project and raised money to build a toilet for a family in Nepal and a block of Girls' toilets in Sierra Leone. Well done Jo!

Student Leadership Award - Emma Lewis and Josh Foskett

 Emma Lewis receives special award

Emma Lewis has been awarded for her fantastic work ethic and attendence to all of the worshops, events and meetings - she has been a huge asset to the Computer Science team.

Innovation for Engagement - Vice Chancellors Department

VC department achieve Innovation for engagement award

The Vice Chancellors Department have used innovative techniques to engage more people in sustainability. One of their actions included running a Green stall for One Planet Week with sustainable freebies and a raffle.

Environmental Impact - Green Careers

 Green Careers achieve environmental improvement award

‌Green Careers developed an initiative to aid the wooded area next to Careers by planting woodland plant plugs and building a bee  hotel. Twelve students and staff took part with help from Gordon Eastman and his team.

Sustainability Hero - Michelle Hickman (Department of Economics) 

 Michelle Hickman receives sustainability hero award

The Department of Economics and Related Studies collected the award on behalf  of Michelle Hickman who was instrumental in  directing the excellence project towards encouraging changes that support a more sustainble way of life.


For current teams

To help you complete as many actions as possible, we have provided a resource bank - feel free to use any of them as part of your project! For more resources and to view/share those made by our Green Impact teams check out the Google Site Resources page.

Each resource will help to complete an action in the online workbook and, where possible, we have included the action number to make it even easier. 

For all 

General Green Impact posters (MS PowerPoint  , 4,311kb) - A collection of all the posters we have made so far. 

Send us through any resources that you have made yourself so we can put them online for everybody's benefit!


Bronze Guide 2018 (MS Word  , 366kb) - A Guide to all standard Bronze actions 2018

Labs Bronze guide 2018 (MS Word  , 105kb) - A Guide to all Labs Bronze actions 2018

Bronze Posters (MS PowerPoint  , 2,981kb) - A collection of posters you can put up to help meet Bronze actions

5 actions in 15 mins 2018 (MS Word  , 683kb)- A set of 5 actions that can be completed in 15 minutes - great if you don't know where to start ! Actions included are B001, B003, B008, B022 and B028.

Lighting&Equipment plan (MS Word  , 660kb)- The plan for action B009, also available for Catering teams Catering Lighting&Equipment Plan (MS Word  , 673kb) 


Silver Guide 2018 (MS Word  , 1,583kb)- A Guide to all standard Silver actions‌ 2018

Labs Silver guide 2018 (MS Word  , 106kb) - A Guide to all Labs Silver actions 2018

Silver Posters (MS PowerPoint  , 2,322kb) - A collection of posters you can put up to help meet Silver actions

SMART planning template (MS Word  , 794kb) - A template for the SMART action plan needed to complete action S020

Energy Audit template (MS Word  , 486kb)A template for the Energy audit needed for action S015


Bonus Guide 2018 (MS Word  , 1,675kb) - A Guide to all Bonus actions 2018 

Labs Bonus Guide 2018 (MS Word  , 111kb) - A Guide to all Labs Bonus actions 2018


Catering Guide 2018 (MS Word  , 1,677kb) - A Guide to all Catering actions 2018


Related links

A lot of other websites have useful information on Green Impact and other related issues. We have provided links to some of these - if you have found a website you think belongs here, send us an e-mail and we'll add it to our list. Also check the 'Further Information' tab for each action in your sustainable action list - you will often find useful links there.

Workbook Specific

  • The University's Cycling Information page is very useful, particularly for actions B012, B013, C038 
  • The National Energy Fund's Carbon Calculator is useful for calculating Carbon Footprints - useful for generally raising awareness and putting things into context or specifically for actions C035 & C036
  • Go Green is a blog about environmentally friendly workplaces with some good ideas, particularly
  • The Fairtrade Supporter Resources might be of use to you for ation C044
  • The Energy Saving Trust have good tips on how to maximise your fuel efficiency - great for training staff in action C032

General Interest

  • The Green Impact website has a good resource bank, but the whole site is worth a look if you are taking part
  • The Carbon Trust have a good page for Employee Awareness with posters, stickers and general awareness raising
  • The University's Don't Waste the Waste pages provide a wealth of information on recycling and are a good point of reference if you have any questions regarding recycling and waste - e-mail Environmental Manager if you have a specific question or wish to request recycling bins
  • British Gas have some good posters you can use in your department
  • The UoY Sustainability blog post interesting and relevent content about how to reduce your environmental impact and enhance your sustainability.
  • The UoY Economical site was created to encourage changes that will both support a more sustainable way of life and save money. It is managed by the Department of Economics Green Imapct team.

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