Through our work for the NIHR CLAHRC for Leeds, York and Bradford we have been developing a bespoke knowledge translation service aimed at NHS commissioners and senior managers in provider Trusts. This has involved building relationships and working closely with a range of partners, helping them translate existing sources of synthesised and quality-assessed evidence to inform the real decisions they face.

The service was initially aimed at commissioners of healthcare services but is now also being utilised to support decisions relating to service delivery and organisation in acute and community mental health care settings.

How the service works

We investigate real-life issues brought to us by NHS decision makers. On receiving a request we will arrange to come and see you to clarify the issue. Once this is done we produce a tailored evidence briefing to a timescale that suits.

Briefings are based on synthesised and quality assessed evidence. We draw mainly on systematic reviews but other sources of evidence (e.g. single clinical trials and economic evaluations) and local data are used as appropriate.

Each briefing highlights the quality and the strength of the available evidence and assesses the cost effectiveness, local applicability and any implications relating to local service delivery, budgets, implementation and equity.

Details of briefings produced to date are listed below:


Commissioned by


Predictive validity of tools used to assess the risk of unplanned admissions   August 2014
Self-care support for people with COPD NIHR HS & DR July 2014
Interventions for loneliness and social isolation South Tyneside CCG June 2014
Evidence to inform urgent and emergency care systems NIHR HS & DR March 2014
Primary care "in-reach" in hospital settings Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative December 2013
Advance care planning Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative November 2013
Consolidating urgent care services South Tyneside CCG November 2013
Urgent care systems West & South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw CSU November 2013
Telehealth Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group June 2013
Evidence briefing on non-pharmacological interventions for dementia in care home settings Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust January 2013
Inpatient rehabilitation services for the frail elderly Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group January 2013
Teleconsultation NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds September 2012
Drug treatments for patients with functional class II pulmonary hypertension. North of England Specialised Commissioning Group May 2012
Adherence to treatment for respiratory diseases NHS Bradford & Airedale January 2012
Do integrated care pathways deliver better health outcomes and/or reduce costs in mental health care settings? Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust September 2011
Effectiveness of nurse led endoscopy services. York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust August 2011
Effectiveness of specialist nurse services in acute hospital settings. York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust June 2011
Supporting women with postnatal depression through psychological therapies. NHS Bradford & Airedale March 2011
Alternatives to inpatient admission for adolescents with eating disorders. NHS Bradford & Airedale January 2010
Physical health monitoring for people with schizophrenia or other serious mental illness. NHS Bradford & Airedale November 2009
CBT for schizophrenia. Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust September 2009

Further information

For further information on the service or to discuss your needs with one of the team, please contact Paul Wilson ( or Liz Bickerdike (

Further details


NIHR CLAHRC for Leeds, York and Bradford


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This service is conducted as part of the TRiP-LaB project funded by the NIHR as part of the NIHR CLAHRC for Leeds, York and Bradford. For non CLAHRC NHS partner trusts, the service is conducted as part of CRD Core work programme, funded by the NIHR.


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