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International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, 21-24 April 2015, London

Ros Wade presented a poster at the 20th International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare: Which are best - thigh length or knee length anti-embolism stockings: a systematic review of efficacy and patient preference.  Thigh length or knee length anti-embolism stockings (PDF  , 258kb)




CRD's work on social prescribing in the news                                                                                           

CRD’s work on an NIHR-funded project has been highlighted by a recent article in The Guardian. The article describes how GPs are ‘prescribing’ local community activities to combat isolation and loneliness.

The article highlights our evidence briefing to inform the local commissioning of social prescribing programmes, produced as part of the ongoing evaluation of our knowledge translation service. The service appraises and contextualises evidence for clinical commissioners.

The briefing found a number of small-scale pilot evaluations but there was little good quality evidence to judge either the success or value for money of social prescribing.