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Claire Chambers

Dr Claire Chambers

Claire is Senior Lecturer in Global Literature. Claire is an expert in contemporary South Asian literature written in English and literary representations of British Muslims. Claire's new monograph, Britain Through Muslim Eyes, traces the development of artistic depictions of Muslims in Britain from the eighteenth century to the present day. 

Claire's research

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York Asia Research Network
York Asia Research Network, Department of History, University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD

Research highlights

Britain through Muslim eyes

Claire Chambers, Senior Lecturer in Global Literature has published a book: Britain Through Muslim Eyes: Literary Representations, 1780-1988.

Tackling the parasitic disease, leishmaniasis

York scientists will be working with the researchers in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and India, to understand the basis for variability of treatment response in cutaneous leishmaniasis across different countries.

The White Rose South Asia Network (WRSAN) connects the exceptional group of scholars working in the interdisciplinary area of South Asian Studies at the Universities of York, Leeds and Sheffield.

This major study looks at the social and economic factors behind global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and will help develop policies to combat the problem.

Led by Dr Kamran Siddiqi, a senior lecturer in Department of Health Sciences, this project aims to find the most effective way to encourage TB patients in Pakistan to stop smoking.

This project is examining genes in rice and oilseed and mustard seed rape, with the ultimate aim of improving production of the crops.

This project is led by Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director of the Centre for Global Health Histories. It assesses different national healthcare projects and their implementation alongside the wide-ranging impact of foreign aid packages on the development of facilities for universal healthcare.

The University of York is a partner on this project, led by the University of Nottingham, which is developing a microbial based process able to convert rice straw-derived sugars into the advanced biofuels, butanol, and alkanes.

Region Members

Anindya Bhattacharya profile image

Department of Economics and Related Studies

Anindya's reasearch interests are in measuring institutional structure in rural areas on the basis of primary data on interaction networks and then investigating the impacts of that on development outcomes.

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Arnab Chakraborty profile image


Arnab's research interests include the Madras Presidency, one of the three presidencies in Colonial India.  Dealing with medical transformation in the area, from military to civilian perspectives.

The York Management School

Arun researches the histories of development and management in post/colonial India. He is particularly interested in researching the historical role and influence of large-scale organised philanthropy. He was recently awarded a grant by the Rockefeller Archives Centre to research the history of management education in India.  

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Corrado Topi profile image

Stockholm Environment Institute

Corrado is a complex system scientist who focuses on participatory ecological economics and geographic political economics, and on working directly with stakeholders. In particular: participatory collaborative approaches to the economics of green transition strategies at the local level, i.e. strategies for the transition to a sustainable and resilient model in private enterprises (especially SMEs), cities, and rural and periurban communities; value chain (in particular food and drink value chain) and local green economic development; economics of energy efficiency strategies and of water efficiency strategies at the local level; cultural heritage and green economic development at the local level; ecosystem services and green economic development at the local level.

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Gerard's research areas include India-Africa relations; South Asian diaspora (especially in East Africa and Southeast Asia); Sikh diaspora; Indian foreign policy; India and the world; decolonization; third worldism and global south.

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Indrani Karmakar profile image

English and Related Literature

Indrani's research interests are in women's writing, gender and sexuality, motherhood, postcolonial feminism and Indian women's writing.

York Law School

Indrani researches existing policies concerning indigenous peoples in order to identify gaps in the implementation of human rights instruments, and examines what concrete changes have occurred for indigenous peoples as a result of land rights legislation.

Dr Janaka Jayawickrama profile picture

Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU)

Janaka's research aims to develop new knowledge on dealing with uncertainties and dangers presented by disasters and conflicts in the region. He is collaborating with communities and institutions in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Pacific Islands.

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Joanna's research interests include gendered socio-cultural histories of Iran, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and the Persianate world since c.1750; orientalism, imperialism and anti-imperialism in those settings; concepts of, and debates around, historical practice in those fields.

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Melony Bethala profile image

English and Related Literature

Melony's research looks at a cross-national comparison - India and Ireland, postcolonial theory, contemporary womanhood in India, postcolonial feminism, nationalism, motherhood, female sexuality, Indian women's poetry, Indian English poetry.

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Meng Ni profile image

Centre for Women's Studies (PhD student)

Meng's research interests are in the “third” gender: understanding Chinese female PhD students.

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Paul Kaye profile image

Centre for Immunology and Infection

Department of Biology / HYMS

Paul's research focuses on neglected diseases of poverty, mostly the leishmaniases.  He works with colleagues in India (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; Kala Azar Medical Research Centre, Muzaffarpur) and Sri Lanka (University of Sri Jayewardenepura) to better understand disease pathogenesis and to develop new approaches for prevention and treatment of disease.

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Richard Friend Profile picture


Richard's research interest include transformations of rural society and urbanization; political economy of urbanization and changing patterns of poverty, vulnerability and risk; environmental governance and rights; development, climate change and natural disasters; specialist interest in Thailand and the Mekong region.

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Ruth Kelly profile image

Centre for Applied Human Rights

Centre for Women's Studies

Ruth's research interests are in human rights, vernacular storytelling and alternative approaches to development (notably the commons, the care economy and wage-led growth); Creative activism; Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam.

Sam Hellmuth profile image

Language and Linguistic Science

Sam works on the sound systems of Arabic dialects primarily, but also on the Indo-Aryan language Mirpuri Pahari (spoken both in the UK and in Pakistan), with a special focus on the expression of meaning via stress, rhythm and intonation, and on the contemporary effects of historical contact.

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Samarthia Thankappan profile image


Samarthia's research areas include sustainable food production and consumption (includes sustainable lifestyles, sustainable diets, food losses and food waste management and environmentally friendly behaviours); Understanding enhanced transport systems (includes innovative, efficient, sustainable and practical shortest pathways for low carbon strategies); CSR and sustainability of supply chains across a range of sectors (food, automotive, textiles, construction).

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 Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya publicity photo by Chris Clunn

Department of History

Sanjoy's research interests are in 19th and 20th century South Asia, with special reference to India. They include Health, medical, environmental, social and political history.

Key research themes include colonialism, nationalism, decolonisation, South Asian diasporas, and the forms of, and roles played by, international and global health and development programmes.

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Profile picture of Dr Sarah Olive


Sarah's research interests include Shakespeare in East Asian education. This includes schools, higher education, theatre and heritage education. She is the founding Editor of the British Shakespeare Association’s Teaching Shakespeare magazine which regularly publishes on Shakespeare in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese classrooms and is always looking for new contributors located throughout Asia. She also reviews productions of East Asian Shakespeare for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s Reviewing Shakespeare blog.

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Politics (PhD student)

Zahid is working on violent extremism in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan with a focus on the link between the system of governance and violent extremism.


International Relations of the Indo-Pacific and Asian security, with particular reference to China and India; technology and global governance; and space security and space policy

(Environmental Sustainability and Resilience, Justice and Equality Risk Evidence and Decision Making, Technologies for the Future, Culture and communication).

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Jason Edwards

Department of History of Art

I work primarily on South Asia Art and the Raj, and British encounters with Hinduism and Buddhism in colonial South Asia. I also have research interests in British Japanism and Chinoiserie and the longer Anglo-American reception of Buddhism. The Queer Middle East is also of developing interest to me.

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York Asia Research Network
York Asia Research Network, Department of History, University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD