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A Film About Us


A film about the department, highlighting an exiting range of opportunities and activities graduates and current students experience here.

Showreel - Visual Effects

Showreel linking to a you tube video of a VFX showreel.‌‌‌

A collection of some of the work from our students on the Ma/MSc in Postproduction with Visual Effects.

Short Film - A War Story

An icon for the you tube video A War Story.

A War Story is a short period drama set in the heart of the home front during the First World War. Produced by 3rd year students on our BSc in Film and Television production course.

Short Film - OCD

An icon for the film OCD link

OCD is a quirky short following a day in the life of Sam, a boy with severe OCD. In order for him to have a 'good day', everything must be in line, everything must be in its 'right' place and everything must happen with absolutely precise accuracy. (The film was made by Dani Fray in her second year on the BSc in Film and Television production.)

TV Show - Reactor


Reactor is a game show based on quick reaction times made by students on our BSc in Film and Television Production course.

The Dutch Courtesan - Building the Set

A time lapse of the building of the set of The Dutch Courtesan

A timelapse of the construction of the set for the 2013 play 'The Dutch Courtesan' 

Play - A Dutch Courtesan

The Dutch Courtesan is a Jacobean city comedy by John Marston. Recorded in the department live using our TV studio cameras.

Short film - Snapshot


A short film Produced by student Diogo Guerner in his 2nd year on the BSc in Film and Television Production degree. 'How far would you go to stop being lonely? All David wanted was someone to have dinner with.' 

Play - The Smoke of Home


The play The Smoke of Home was written by two Czech Jews in response to their fellow prisoners' endless conversations about their homes and their dreams of returning.

TV Show - Breaking News

Lining to a you tube video of the TV show Breaking News‌‌‌

A sitcom following the local newspaper of a decaying seaside town. Written and produced by Kieron Moore and directed by Andrew Kueh, students on the 3rd year of BSc in Film and Television Production.


Interviews with Current & Former Students

Interviews with this year's graduating students from the BA in Writing, Directing & Performance and BSc in Film & Television Production, July 2013.