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Picture finishing and Render Farm

Our picture finishing area has three Smoke/Flame/Lustre integrated suites; and one Nocoda Film Master suite served by a Bright drive-based SAN.


Autodesk® Smoke® software offers a timeline-based, all-in-one creative toolset for editorial finishing that spans color correction, keying, tracking, paint, cleanup, titling and 3D visual effects. 


Autodesk® Lustre® software is a high-performance color grading solution for creative look development. Lustre provides remarkable control over final color and lighting effects for television and film projects, including stereoscopic 3D. 


Autodesk® Flame® is an Academy Award®-winning solution offering HD and 2K performance and an industry-renowned creative toolset for 3D compositing and advanced graphics creation.

Nucoda Film Master

Nucoda Film Master is the comprehensive colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, delivering Digital Cinema content up to 4k. With an industry leading toolset used by clients such as Pixar Animation Studios, Nucoda Film Master creates complex looks and visual styles for animation, 2k/4k film and stereoscopic 3D. 

Render Farm

Our post production labs can be configured as a render farm to enable fast distributed rendering of animations. The UG lab features 24 workstations capable of streaming two 720p DVCPro HD streams to each workstation concurrently; the PG lab features 18 workstations capable of streaming three 1080p DVCPro HD streams to each workstation concurrently.



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