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Audio finishing

There are three separate audio finishing areas, served by an Evo SAN and running Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro available for hire. Our technical team are also able to edit your content remotely.

Audio Mix Suites

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Two 5.1 surround dubbing theatres, one with Avid Command 24 and one with a EuphonixSystem 5 Fusion.

Audio Recording Suites


Two multi-purpose surround sound recording suites (up to 7.1) using Avid C24; and a large associated live room with adjustable acoustics.

The picture shows client Lynne Hegarty recording a voice-over from presenter Sarika Cullis-Suzuki for a Canadian wildlife documentary called The Emerald Sea. The desk was rigged through the telephone unit so the producers could monitor the recording in Canada, while Lynne recorded it locally.

Foley/ADR Suite

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A dedicated Foley/ADR suite. The Foley area has 11 surfaces and adjustable monitoring.

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