So you've confirmed your place and completed all the things to do first? Now you can start looking forward to exciting times ahead! 

Whether you're feeling a bit anxious or raring to go, here's a few things to think about before you start packing to come to York.

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Have you checked your emails?

Important information about your arrival, Welcome Week, and starting your studies will come into your University email account. This will include deadlines for module choices and updates on your timetable - so don't forget to keep checking this account.

For a guide on all the systems you will use when you're here, see IT Services information for new users.

Online induction

There are some things you need to know and do before you begin your studies with us. Work through the modules to get off to a great start.

Complete the online induction


Preparing to study

Find out about what's involved when studying at university level and see if you have pre-arrival information to prepare you for your course.

Preparing to study

Make friends and find support

It's normal to sometimes feel apprehensive about starting university. Find out how you can make friends before you arrive as well as sources of support once you're here.

Meeting people and finding support

How will you manage your money?

Plan in advance how you will make your money last each semester. We have sample budgets and general advice on managing your money

If you do find yourself worrying about money once you're at York, our Finance pages outline the people you can talk to and possible hardship and emergency funding available.

Beware of scams

Unfortunately, there are people who make a living by tricking others out of money. Students are often targeted but you can learn to recognise scams and protect yourself against them. Read our advice for all students - Scammers - they're after your money - to find out what to be aware of.

Opening a bank account

UK students can open a student bank account once you have accepted your offer. Get advice on the best student bank account deals on websites like

International students will have to wait until they are in the UK before opening a UK bank account. See information for new international students on getting ready to arrive.

Are your vaccinations up to date?

We recommend that you are up to date with vaccinations against Covid-19, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and meningococcal MenACWY vaccines. Arrange these with your local doctor or a York GP once you've registered with a local surgery. See NHS advice on Getting medical care as a student.

International students

If you are applying for a Student Visa, you will need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge as part of the application process, which provides entitlement to use the National Health Service. Students applying from certain countries are also required to be screened for TB (tuberculosis) before applying for the Student Visa. See healthcare for international students.

Check our guide for international students for help with everything you need to know and do in order to get to York.

New international students: Welcome to York Guide

Do you know how to cook?

Try out some simple meals at home to practise your cooking skills. For inspiration, see:

Don't want to cook? Think about buying your meals in advance with our Meals in Advance Deal (MAD).

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