Your college, department and the Students’ Union (YUSU) run fun and exciting welcome and induction events, giving you a great first week at York. 

Your health and safety are our top priority so all student venues, event spaces and sporting facilities will be Covid-19 Secure.

There will be a mixture of face-to face and online events. Join communities, clubs and societies and take advantage of the many opportunities to try things you’ve never done before. You’ll have details, and an opportunity to book, before term starts. The term’s programme of events will be tailored around suitable indoor and outdoor spaces and are expected to include silent discos, cinema screenings, drama and comedy performances, art activities, and volunteering opportunities.

Our student unions are working to increase the number of outdoor seating areas, street food kiosks, marques, yurts and licenced events across campus to create safe zones for fun and socialising. The City of York is making plans so students can continue to enjoy the sights, sounds and unique experiences of this historic and beautiful city.

Find out what’s happening via your timetable, your college welcome pack, the YUSU Freshers' site or by asking your Second and Third Year Contact (STYC). See also the international student welcome for activities to welcome you from overseas.

Don't miss official events - any 'must attend' events like central induction and introduction to your department will appear in your timetable.

Join the conversation

What are others saying about starting at York? Join the conversation to see what's going on.

Follow the #UoYFreshers hashtag and tell us why you #LoveYork!

Go to the YUSU Fairs

Find out all the amazing things you can get involved in. Join clubs and societies that you like the look of and start enjoying the amazing opportunities at York.

This year, the Freshers' Fair is replaced by YUSU Fairs, an event spread over multiple locations and days. A virtual Fair will take place on Saturday of Week 1 and a series of ‘themed’ physical Fairs will take place across Week 2. If you're attending in person, you'll need to sign up for slots to attend in 20 minute intervals. There will also be an accessibility hour each day.

YUSU Fairs

Note: Photography will take place during Welcome Week, which may be used for marketing purposes by the University of York. If you have any concerns or would prefer not to feature, please email For further information about how we use photography or video which includes you please see our privacy notice.

What is uni like?

You'll meet new and different people in Freshers' Week. Here's what current students think about Freshers' Week and getting the most out of your time at York.

Find out more on our blog, Student voices.

Get health and safety services sorted

Register to vote

Don't forget to register to vote in York - the University cannot do this for you.

You are entitled to register at both your home address and your university address. You can vote at both addresses in local elections but you can only vote once in national elections.

City of York Council guidance for students registering to vote

Finance problems?

Your student finance payments (if you've applied) will be made by your student finance provider shortly after the start of term provided you have completed enrolment (see item 2 of Things to do). If you haven't received your loan, check:

  • You've completed enrolment
  • You've submitted your application and all the correct supporting evidence
  • Your bank details are correct on your application – check your online account
  • You've signed and returned your declaration form
  • You’ve allowed five working days for the funds to be paid into your bank account.

If you have checked all this, contact the Student Loans Company.

If you are a home student and the first instalment of your loan or grant is delayed, you may be eligible for hardship and emergency funding. For details of all financial advice and support offered by the University, see our finance information for current students.

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