Information for parents, guardians, family and friends

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A young person leaving home for university can mark a new phase for parents, guardians, friends and family members. It is a time of excitement, anxiety and change.

Let them know they have your support and that they can talk to you if things are not going well. This will encourage self-confidence and independence, and they will be better able to manage the adjustment.

If you are worried

We encourage you to talk to your student directly. You can also raise concerns about their wellbeing with their College team.

If you have an urgent concern about your student's safety it is best to contact the Security team on 01904 32 3333.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are unable to share information with parents, guardians, siblings or friends unless we have the student’s permission. This permission must be specific (about what we can disclose and to whom) and be made via their University email address.

We can:

  • listen to your concerns
  • give advice where appropriate (e.g. talk in general terms about university procedures, exam arrangements, accommodation fees)
  • take steps in response to your concerns if appropriate (but we may not be able to inform you of these steps)

We cannot:

  • share information with you about your student (unless we have the consent of the student and it is appropriate to do so)
  • contact the student on your behalf unless there is sufficient reason to do so

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