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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Network

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‌The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Network (SoTLN) brings together resources, professional development, discussion and dissemination opportunities focused upon looking at teaching and student learning in a scholarly and research-orientated way.

Any member of University of York staff interested in engaging with learning and teaching as a scholarly and evidence-informed practice is welcome to join. Please email for further information.

What is SoTL?

The HEA study “Defining and Supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”, identifies five areas commonly associated with SoTL:

  1. Original research undertaken by academic experts working on teaching and learning in Higher Education.
  2. Pedagogical scholarship undertaken by staff who teach and/or whose research expertise is not in HE Studies.
  3. Staff sharing practice in teaching and learning.
  4. Disciplinary scholarship undertaken by all staff who teach to keep abreast of developments in their field for educational purposes, including writing textbooks.
  5. Work undertaken by students as researchers.

SoTL practitioner videos

Would you like to know more about SoTL at the University of York? Select the links below to hear colleagues discuss getting started, overcoming challenges and going public with SoTL.

Staying current with SoTL

The SoTL Journal Club is designed to engage colleagues with key, influential and emerging literature in the field of learning and teaching.

Disseminating SoTL

The SoTL Colloquium and the SoTL Journal provide means for you to disseminate your learning and teaching research to colleagues within the University of York.  

Undertaking SoTL

For anyone interested in undertaking your own SoTL projects: find help finding a starting point or developing a draft for a specific journal.

SoTL projects

The SoTL Projects page outlines key scholarship themes being considered and explored by the Academic Practice team, including links to relevant resources and materials.

If you would like to receive notifications about SoTL Network activities, please email us on or sign up to our mailing list through our Google Form. You can also join our SoTL SLACK channel to connect with the SoTL community at York and find out more about SoTL opportunities.