Webinar: Policy, inequality and the cost of living crisis

News | Posted on Wednesday 21 December 2022

Addressing the cost of living crisis is an issue of social justice. The York Policy Engine hosted a webinar led by our Cost of Living Research Group on this topic.

Rising costs are leading to hugely unequal burdens across the UK, for families with children, for families living on low incomes, for lone parents, for everyone living in more disadvantaged areas. It's time to change course.

On 13 December, The York Policy Engine hosted a webinar led by our Cost of Living Research Group on this topic. We shared insights from research that is being carried out during this unprecedented social and economic crisis - building on the University of York’s long tradition of groundbreaking research on poverty and inequality, social policy and politics.

Our speakers discussed drivers of rising energy prices, food and fuel costs; policy responses, including the inadequacy of the social security system; and the painful impacts of rising living costs on the wellbeing of people and communities across the UK.

For those of you who were unable to join us, you can access the slides from the event and the recording:


Speakers at the event:

  • Jonathan Bradshaw, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy - child poverty, social security, child wellbeing, @ProfJBradshaw
  • Kate Pickett, Professor of Epidemiology - social and health inequality, creating fairer futures for children, @ProfKEPickett
  • Caz Snell, Reader in Social Policy - fuel poverty, climate change, just transitions to net zero, @Carolyn_snell
  • Antonia Keung, Lecturer in Social Policy - child poverty, wellbeing of young people, welfare policy
  • Ruth Patrick, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy - participatory research, poverty, social security and welfare reform, @ruthpatrick0
  • A family participant from the Changing Realities project - documenting life on a low income and pushing for change 
  • Maddy Power, Wellcome Trust Research Fellow - ethnic inequalities in food insecurity and interactions with mental health, @madeleinepower
  • Maria Bryant, Professor of Public Health Nutrition - nutrition and food systems, complex systems, early years and childhood