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Physics with Philosophy 2005, PhD 2009
Scientist, Centre for Applied Science and Technology, The Home Office 

After graduating from my Phd in Physics at York in 2010 I immediately found a job in Government at the Home Office.

The department I work for is called the ‘Centre for Applied Science and Technology’. It’s made up of about 200 scientists who work for the home office as well as other Government departments. As a physicist, the area I predominantly work in is explosives and weapons. My job has two aspects: the first is to test explosives and weapons detection technologies produced by manufacturers to examine their capability and compliance with standards. The other half involves researching to help develop technology and information which is then given out to companies in the industry to help them produce more developed equipment.

I really enjoyed my time studying in York. The academic and support staff in the Physics Department were very important.

"The academic staff were always very open; you could always go and chat and they were very supportive in helping you apply for jobs. The Department was a bit like a family; people were always around to chat and have a cup of tea with."

It was definitely the people who made the experience of completing my PhD so incredible. My supervisor, Professor Sarah Thompson (Physics Head of Department) was just amazing.