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University courses to stretch bright children

Posted on 23 May 2003

The world-famous Enigma encryption machine used by Nazi Germany, the magic of language, literature from around the globe, and the work of some of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known will all come to life in summer schools for bright children offered by the University of York.

The summer schools are part of the new National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth which offers youngsters the chance to stretch their minds and learn about the excitement of knowledge and discovery from top academics. The Academy aims to identify and nurture talented children from whatever background and help them to fulfill their potential.

York is providing 146 places and youngsters can choose subjects which take them outside the school curriculum, including:

Linguistics - how the ability to use language makes human beings different from all other animals; how we produce sounds; learning a system that allows you to write down the sounds of any human language; using computers to display and analyse information about spoken sounds; analysis of conversation.

Reading and Writing World Literatures - a wide range of African-American, African and post-colonial literature; writing and drama; challenging and eye-opening novels and plays, and cultural difference.

Mathematical Explorations - the infinitely small and the infinitely big; how simple things get very complicated when you repeat them over and over again; the Enigma encryption machine, which almost baffled Britain's best minds during World War Two.

The Progress of Understanding Through the Ages - traces the way modern knowledge and understanding have been shaped by the three great epochs of western civilisation - the Ancient, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment periods; enhancing your understanding of philosophy and history; exploring some of the works of the greatest thinkers.

There are further details of some of the courses that are on offer and how to apply at

To be eligible for a, place youngsters must be between 11 and 19, and must apply for a place by filling in a form and supplying a short portfolio of work. Parents can find out if they have a child who will benefit by looking at

The schools at the University of York take place between 10 to 29 August. To guarantee a place on the course of choice, it is recommended that people apply no later than 6 June.

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