Current research students

The Department of Music is home to a large and diverse range of research students. Below is a selection of our current research students and information on their research topics.

Alexandra Botham

  • MA by Research: Creating interactive 3D visual art that responds to vocal performance.
  • Supervisor: Dr Ambrose Field
  • Research profile: As part of my research, I will be experimenting with projection mapping techniques to create three dimensional graphics that can be projected onto buildings and sculptures. It is my intention to create a product that can 'translate' a vocal performance into 3D graphics.

James Cave

  • PhD: 'Voodoo tradition?': composer as curator
  • Supervisor: Prof. Bill Brooks & Dr Áine Sheil
  • Research interests: Both a composer and a researcher, my research focusses on the relationship between history and historical thinking and compositional practice. This involves attention to critical theory and historiography, as well an examination of the ways in which past composers have worked with notions of 'the historical'.

Benjamin Phillips

  • PhD: Choral Foundations of the post-war generation: British Cathedrals and their choirs 1945-2010 (provisional title)
  • Research interests: Ben’s research interests centre on the English choral tradition and its continuing development. His current research centres on chronicling the developments within the choral tradition in the post war period, focusing on cathedrals and their choirs. Ben combines his musical research with secondary interests in liturgy, theology, history and politics. Ben completed his undergraduate study at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2009, being awarded a Bachelor of Music degree, before spending three years working as a musician and arts administrator in London. He is a contributor to the liturgical journal Praxis, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
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Richard Powell

  • PhD: Keeping Time: Audible forms in the twenty-first century
  • Supervisor: Dr Tim Howell
  • Research interests: My research interests lie in ways of hearing different musical structures, and how the passing of time is perceived in the act of listening; by extension, I am interested in how we derive meaning and 'narratives' from musical works. I am exploring a varied repertoire of instrumental pieces selected from across the last 250 years of the Western Classical tradition.

Teresa Winter

  • PhD: Delia Derbyshire: the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Beyond
  • Supervisor: Dr Ambrose Field
  • Research interests: electronic music; contemporary aesthetics; cultural studies; mixed media; public broadcasting; women in music