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CMRC Autumn Week 7 seminar: PGR student research presentations: Robin Haigh and Loré Lixenberg

Tuesday 9 November 2021, 4.00PM to 5.30pm

SINGLR - an experiment in appERA

Loré Lixenberg

‘…theatre is an absolutely bad thing: a scene of illusion and passivity that must be abolished in favour of what it prohibits - knowledge and action; the action of knowing and action guided by knowledge.’ Ranciere - The Emancipated Spectator

Blurring the borders between art and life, ‘SINGLR’ is a participatory opera that utilises the form of a dating app, with its myriad of real-time meetings and encounters, as operatic material. As a dating app, users are instructed to upload only a fragment of extended-voice as a sonic profile picture, no photos, or any information of the app user are uploaded at all.  The app is both a dating app where users meet and communicate only in extended-voice via a special messaging service, it is also an extended-voice tutorial app where users have access to a library of short tutorials and confidence-building meditations that seek to train and improve understanding of the voice.

As both a dating app and a potential technique in operatic form, it poses many questions to the app user and audience, such as what is operatic material? What is performance? What is attraction? How representative of character is the human voice? 

‘Theatre is the place where ignoramuses are invited to see people suffering.’ Ranciere - The Emancipated Spectator

SLEEPTALKER - Dreams and The Future

Robin Haigh

In this seminar, Robin Haigh discusses the microtonal techniques and nostalgic allusions of his orchestral piece SLEEPTALKER, and how its sounds and obsessions relate to his earlier works. The culmination of three years travelling in one creative direction, Robin will discuss how he hopes for SLEEPTALKER to serve as both an ending-point and a new starting-point in his output.

Robin Haigh is a composer from the UK whose music has been described as “quirky, playful, bold and original…with a highly distinctive musical language and sound” (Ivors Composer Awards), “remarkably discombobulating” (Seen and Heard International), “frenetic” (The Times), “distinctive” (Musical Opinion), “vibrant, witty” (Chicago Classical Review), “irreverent” (Chicago Theatre Review), "engagingly odd" (The Telegraph) and “completely refreshing” (British Composer Awards). Since winning a British Composer Award in 2017 aged 24, Robin has been commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia, Royal Philharmonic Society, Aldeburgh Festival, Sage Gateshead, Ligeti Quartet, Marsyas Trio, and The Hermes Experiment. He went on to win an Ivor Novello Award for his chamber orchestra piece Grin in 2020.

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Location: Sally Baldwin Building, room D003 and online