Praying for a safe delivery: Mary Tudor, Thomas Tallis and the Chronology of Tudor Music

Wednesday 18 February 2015, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Magnus Williamson (University of Newcastle)

During the central decades of the sixteenth century English polyphony underwent a stylistic transformation, typified by the adoption of continental forms of imitation. When, how and why this took place has been complicated by the relative lack of securely datable sources, and especially by the doctrinal tergiversations that characterised the English Reformation between the 1540s and the 1560s. A manuscript copy of Thomas Tallis's O sacrum convivium, found on the flyleaves of a Sarum service book, can be dated to the spring of 1555, thus providing a chronological fixed point in the evolution of this motet (which is also found as an English anthem and a textless consort piece). The format of this new source, appended to a printed Processionale, also casts light on metropolitan politics under Mary Tudor, and the role of public processions in the enforcement of traditional religion.

Location: I/D003

Admission: Free - All welcome