The role of the Javanese kendhang: its performers and their views on Ki Nartosabdho in present day Solo

Wednesday 12 May 2010, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Claire Stratford (University of York)

This seminar takes a brief look at three areas related to the Javanese kendhang (drum). I will discuss the role of the kendhang within Javanese gamelan music, briefly looking at its notation system, how the kendhang is played and how musicians learn to play it.

Whilst in Indonesia, it was clear to me that gamelan music is primarily a male dominated tradition in Java. There are however many women's groups but few of them perform in public on a regular basis.
Other than female vocalists it is rare to see a women perform with a male gamelan group. Here I will share some local thought from musicians in Java on this topic.

I will also briefly discuss the influential drummer and composer, Ki Nartosabdho (1925-1985) and share some thought from musicians in Central Java on why he remains so popular today.

Location: 107