Accessibility statement

Teaching Facilities

Our Department has a variety of seminar rooms for class teaching. These rooms have an array of specialized teaching equipment including pianos, interactive whiteboards and audio equipment. As much of our teaching involves performance, classes also often take place in the Concert Hall or in studio spaces.

For some projects, like the Department’s annual Practical Project, the entire Department can often be taken over with students rehearsing in small groups in almost every large space in the building. By contrast, one to one tuition – instrumental lessons for example – take place mostly in practice rooms, although some teachers prefer to make use of seminar rooms or even the Concert Hall on occasion.

All our rooms are multi-functional and hardly ever stand empty during term time.

Virtual Learning Environment

The Department is making increasing use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the sharing of resources and as an aid to learning, but not as a replacement for contact teaching, because personal interaction and live music-making is central to the way we teach.