Pre-sessional course: Mathematical Foundations of Quantitative Finance (online)

This course is suitable for students who would like to embark on the MSc in Mathematical Finance or the MSc in Financial Engineering but need to revise and consolidate their mathematics background before the MSc programme.

It takes between one and two months (flexible) to complete the course, and students can start at any time of the year. It is delivered by online distance learning. Presence on campus or in the UK is not needed at any point, but a good stable internet connection is essential.

This pre-sessional programme operates under the University's CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provisions. It is a non-award-bearing non-credit-rated course, whose purpose is to help candidates to meet the entry requirements for the above MSc programmes.

At the end of the pre-sessional programme students complete a piece of open-book, take-home assessed coursework. To secure an unconditional offer for the MSc in Mathematical Finance or the MSc in Financial Engineering students will need to achieve a mark of 60% or higher (subject to any remaining admission criteria such as English language).

Resources provided for students

  • lecture notes
  • exercises
  • feedback on submitted work
  • worked solutions to the exercises
  • VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) support
  • email support by a personal tutor
  • Assessed open-book assignment at the end of the course
  • online induction session
  • eight 30-minute one-to-one online tutorials
  • final online session following the assessed assignment


  • Sets and functions (sets, functions, relations)
  • Convergence (sequences of numbers, sequences of functions, uniform convergence, pointwise convergence)
  • Calculus (continuity, uniform continuity, derivatives and partial derivatives, Taylor expansion, differential equations, integration)
  • Probability (finite sample spaces, probability on [0,1], conditional probability, independence, random variables, probability distribution, expectation and variance, covariance, densities)


Students are enrolled on the pre-sessional course as soon as the tuition fee is received by the University. The starting date is 14 days following enrolment. This pre-sessional course operates under the University's CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provisions, and the applicable Terms and Conditions can be found under Short Courses Terms and Conditions.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the pre-sessional programmme is £1,560.

How to apply

Candiates applying for the MSc in Mathematical Finance or the MSc in Financial Engineering will be automatically considered for the pre-sessional course if it turns out that their background in mathematics is insufficient for direct entry to the MSc. There is no need to apply specifically for the pre-sessional course.