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Staff Research Areas

York Law’s research covers a diverse and exciting range of subject areas. These areas have been developed in both socio-legal, law and context approaches as well as doctrinal and practice-based approaches. Staff welcome collaborative projects and PhD candidates in the areas below.

All staff and PGR students are located in at least one research cluster. Staff encourage applications from prospective PGR students on topics within the interests of the clusters. For further information please see our cluster pages.

Administrative Justice, Simon Halliday, Joe Tomlinson

Artificial Intelligence Law, Phillip Morgan

Bank Regulation, Jay Cullen

Business History, Sarah Wilson

Conflicts and Transition, Ioana Cismas

Contract and Commercial, Phillip Morgan, Jenny Steele

Corporate Governance, Ioana Cismas (human rights accountability), Jay Cullen

Corporate Law, Richard Nolan

Counter Terrorism, Joanna Gilmore, Lawrence McNamara 

Criminal Law, Joanna Gilmore, Kate Leader, Matt Matravers, Ailbhe O'Loughlin, Sarah Wilson (financial crime)

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Joanna Gilmore, Kate Leader, Matt Matravers, Ailbhe O'Loughlin

Employment LawCharlotte O'Brien

Environmental Law, Stuart Bell

EU Law, Charlotte O'Brien, Kathryn Wright

Financial Regulation, Jay Cullen, Sarah Wilson

Gender, Caroline Hunter, Charlotte O'Brien

Gender and Sexuality, Sue Westood

Housing Law, Caroline Hunter, Jed Meers

Human Rights, Isra Black, Ioana Cismas, Joanna GilmoreMartin JonesKate Leader, Jed MeersCharlotte O'BrienAilbhe O'Loughlin, Jenny Steele, Sue Westwood 

Human Rights Defenders, Martin Jones, Piergiuseppe Parisi

Insurance, Jenny Steele

Intellectual Property Law, Peter Harrison

International Law, Ioana Cismas, Martin Jones, Kate Leader (International Criminal Law)

Law, Age and Ageing, Sue Westwood

Law and History/Legal History, Sarah Wilson

Law and Humanities, Kate Leader

Legal ProfessionLaurence Etherington

Litigants in Person, Kate Leader

Media Law, Lawrence McNamara

Medical Law, Law and Health, Isra Black, Matt Matravers, Ailbhe O'Loughlin, Sue Westwood

Migrants and Refugee Law, Martin Jones, Joe Tomlinson

Property Law, Jed Meers, Emma Waring

Public and Constitutional Law, Lawrence McNamara, Jed Meers, Joe Tomlinson, Kathryn Wright

Religion and Law, Ioana Cismas, Sue Westwood

Sociology and Philosophy of Law, Matt Matravers (Philosophy of Law)

Tort Law, Phillip Morgan, Jenny Steele

Transitional Justice, Ioana Cismas

Trust Law, Richard Nolan, Sarah Wilson

Welfare and Social Care, Simon Halliday, Caroline Hunter, Jed Meers, Charlotte O'Brien, Joe Tomlinson, Sue Westwood