Environment and Society

We are committed to developing a holistic understanding of the challenges around environment and society.

Our research takes into account the complexity of the interrelationships between economic, geographical, political, and social dimensions.

Our substantive research foci include enhanced transport systems, environmental policy, health and wellbeing, international development, low carbon transitions, natural resource and conservation management, and sustainable food systems.

Environment and society


  • Paul Tobin

  • Jehad Jabr Nasser Albusaidi
  • Rosa Mato Amboage
  • Justus Andreas
  • Siân De Bell
  • Manogna Goparaju
  • Rosa Hernandez Cruz
  • Hannah Curzon
  • Anne Kildune
  • Sarah Knight
  • Eric Marr
  • Sergio Paramo Ortiz
  • Stephanie Osbourne
  • Sarah Spooner
  • Abi Sutton
  • Talla Contreras Tapia