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Health, Mind and the Body: Three New Short Films

Thursday 26 March 2015, 6.00PM

'Health, Mind and the Body: Three New Short Films', organized in conjunction with the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders, explores the subjective experiences of living with chronic diseases or disorders using the medium of film. 

Jane’s Story (UK, 2014, 8 mins). Director and Animator: Nik Morris, Writers: Amanda Mason-Jones and Nik Morris, Producers: Amanda Mason-Jones & Sandra Pauletto.

Being a teenager presents many challenges and this is often even more the case when you have a disability. This short and powerful animation however shows that these difficulties need not stand in the way of achieving success - the key is keeping things in balance. Jane’s Story is a narrative, musical and visual journey through the experiences of Jane, a young woman with a chronic medical problem but an equal determination to not let this stop her succeeding in life. Created from real accounts of young people’s experiences, this collaboration across six academic disciplines at the University of York and involving local actress Katie-Marie Armstrong and local film maker Nik Morris was sponsored by the University’s Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2).

Transmission (UK, 2014, 38 mins). Director and Producer: Becs Andrews.

Infectious disease is very much in the news with the continuing Ebola epidemic. Transmission offers a sequence of contemporary dance performances inspired by the concept of disease transmission networks and their key role in perpetuating disease and consequently in identifying ways of eliminating disease. This striking and highly original work brings together the perspective of artist and scientist to portray the evolution of these networks through choreographed interactions between dancers mapped through dynamic video, audio and lighting technology. The project was supported by the Arts Council, the University of York’s Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2), Falmouth University, Heslington Studios and York Festival of Ideas, and the film was made in association with FACT. Trailer:

Both of these films will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the producers.

Tender (Australia, 2013, 73 mins). Director and Writer: Lynette Wallworth, Producer: Kath Shelper.

Tender, the third item on the programme, is an award-winning documentary directed by artist Lynette Wallworth. Set against the stunning backdrop of Port Kembla in Australia, Tender follows a local community group as it seeks to establish its own, not-for-profit, bespoke funeral service, and in doing so, to reclaim death from the control of multi-national corporations.

This moving, warmly irreverent and ultimately uplifting film – accompanied by a specially-composed soundtrack from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – documents a brave confrontation with deeply-entrenched taboos. It also carries a difficult but important message: we need to talk about death and dying, because fear can inhibit our capacity to decide how we want to mourn or be mourned.

Tender was a finalist in the Grierson Award Documentary Competition, created to recognise films with integrity, originality and social or cultural significance, and in 2014 was winner of the ATOM Award for Best Documentary.

There will be a short introduction to the film by Catherine Oakley, convenor of the Rethinking Disability on Screen symposium. For more on the film, watch the trailer and visit the website.

Tickets are £3, and are available here. Pre-booking is advised.



Location: City Screen Picturehouse, Coney Street, York