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Siti Makhtar

Siti Makhtar

"My name is Siti and I am from Malaysia. I decided to study at the University of York because of its outstanding reputation and well-regarded research excellence. I am now a member of the Intelligent Systems Research Group, working in the area of Computational Neuroscience. This is an interdisciplinary research, which bridges computational research with neurophysiological research. My research involves the use of multivariate statistical signal processing methods to infer neuronal connectivity. The project gives me great chances to do exploratory data analysis of neuronal brain signals recorded using Multi-Electrode Array. Inferring and measuring the neuronal networks required thoughtful observations and interpretations grounded from the principles of neuroscience, signal processing and network theory.

The last few years of being a PhD student have been both challenging and gratifying. I feel motivated because of the enthusiasm of my supervisor. His encouragement and advice in our weekly meeting is certainly the key towards accomplishment of this project. The department also provide excellent opportunities for presenting my work internally and externally through poster competition, research seminars, technical workshops and international conference presentations. I found many free training and development courses provided by the Researcher Development Team to assist me in managing my studies and improve my research skills.

York is amazing and beautiful, the great historical buildings and museums, beautiful gardens and parks here are always wonderful places for activities with my children. This is my way to maintain a balanced life as a student and a mom. The student family network within the university is always helpful in supporting students with dependents."

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