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Top 100 Worldwide Economics Schools Research Ranking,

Posted on 19 June 2020

York Economics retained top positionĀ as 9th in the UK and 76th in the world

The most recent edition of the widely recognised Top 100 Worldwide Economics Schools Research Ranking, published by Tilburg University (, has placed York at the 76th in the world and 9th in the UK, an improvement on last year's world 78th.

This is widely recognised as the most transparent and robust research ranking of the economics subject, which evaluates all economics departments across the world based on publications in 35 leading economics journals over the last five-year period. 

The Head of Economics at York, Prof. Jo Swaffield, commented: "I am very delighted to see we retained our strong position in this important ranking. The improved score and continued top performance confirms our research excellence and resilience in a changing world. The pioneering research we do directly informs our teaching and inspires the interaction with our students, and further contributes to the wider society."

Beyond the standard five-year period, in the past twenty years, York's Economics Department's overall rank is 8th in the UK and 81st in the world by this ranking.