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Due to COVID-19 we are using 'contactless coffee' in order to continue with our YORCUP and Bring Your Own Cup Scheme. Read more about contactless coffee.

Since January 2019, we have seen a huge decrease in the use of single-use plastics on our campus and we are very pleased to announce that in just 7 months;

  • 3330 people joined the YORCUP scheme
  • We saved 72,300 single-use cups from going to landfill
  • We have raised £22,513 from the Latte Levy
  • Customers saved £14,460 through using YORCUPs or by bringing their own cup
  • We have saved 118 trees worth of paper by not using single-use cups


Buy a YORCUP for £5 from any outlet* on campus & get your first drink for free!
*both YUSU and Commercial Services outlets.


Enjoy your drink, and once finished you can return the YORCUP to any outlet to be washed and stored. Keep your sleeve! 


When buying your next drink, show your sleeve and it will be served in a clean YORCUP. Avoid the 20p fee and receive a 20p discount!

What is it?

The YORCUP scheme was created in January 2019 as a way to help reduce the use of disposable cups across the University campus. The high quality University of York branded YORCUPs are an environmentally friendly option you can use when you're at home, at work, at uni or just out and about. 

YORCUP is part of a joint initiative with Eat at York and YUSU, and combines the convenience of a disposable cup with the environmental benefits of a reusable cup.

How does it work?

You can buy a £5.00 YORCUP from any outlet across campus, and your first hot drink is free. 

Each time you've used your cup, you can return it to any outlet to be cleaned so you don't even have to wash it yourself! We will then store the cup so, ready for when you next want a hot drink.

When you return your cup to an outlet, keep hold of your YORCUP sleeve and simply show this when you're ordering your next hot drink and you will get your drink in a clean YORCUP!

You will not only be helping us eliminate single-use plastic, but you'll also be saving money and avoiding the 20p latte levy. #ChooseToReuse #YORCUP

Terms and Conditions

The YORCUP scheme has been designed as part of our sustainability plan, where we hope to eliminate the use of single-use plastics on the University campus. Please read the terms and conditions of the YORCUP scheme: Terms and Conditions (PDF , 129kb)