By creating YORCUP, we've combined the convenience of a disposable cup with the environmental benefits of a reusable cup, as a way to help reduce the use of single-use cups across campus. 

YORCUP 10,000

Ten thousand students and staff at the University of York have now joined the YORCUP scheme! This follows from our fantastic achievement of saving 1 million single-use plastic cups from landfill. We are also launching our brand new cup, which is not only made in the UK but made in Yorkshire!

cups saved from landfill

(based on reduction of cup purchases)

have joined the YORCUP scheme

single-use cups

have been collected for recycling

How does the scheme work?

  1. Buy a YORCUP and sleeve for £5 from any outlet on campus and get your first drink for free
  2. Enjoy your drink and return the YORCUP to any outlet to be washed and stored. Keep your sleeve.
  3. When buying your next drink, show your sleeve and it will be served in a clean YORCUP. 

The YORCUP scheme is a joint initiative between YUSU and the University, created in 2019 as part of our sustainability.