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Single-use cup bins

Since the introduction of the bins, we have recycled over 28,000 single-use plastic cups!

Using funds raised by the Latte Levy, York Commercial Services purchased a number of recycling bins for single-use plastic cups. The bins are placed around the University of York campus, and students will be able to dispose of single-use plastic lined cups, lids and leftover liquids. The bins will be emptied by Forge Recycling, and use the plastic cups to produce a range of items including notebooks, pens and other stationary items.

How does it work?

"Historically, paper cups have been difficult to recycle due to how they are manufactured. There is still the misconception that the plastic lining inside each cup (which makes it waterproof) means they are impossible to recycle. However, we are making this possible by working with processors who can separate the thin plastic coating inside each cup from the paper itself, allowing both parts to be recycled." 

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Cup locations

We have 25 giant cup bins spread across Campus West and Campus East. You can see all of the locations by checking our sustainable facilities map.


We understand that you might forget your reusable cup sometimes. We want to make sure, if this happens, you can still make a choice to be sustainable and recycle your single-use cups!