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Wellbeing and support

The University's Student Support Network is designed to provide students with quick and easy access to a variety of sources of help and advice on all aspects of life as a student.

Can it wait until morning?                                                                                                                                                                                        YES: Contact the College Team:                                                                                                                                NO: Contact Security by phone or through the Safezone App. Security can facilitate medical and welfare support out of hours

The College Team

All students are welcome to approach their College Team for help and advice whether or not they are resident in the College.  If you need some advice, please contact:

The University encourages all students to be aware of the welfare of their fellow students, and to promote it wherever possible. Any concerns should be passed on to a member of the College Team.

Contact Security

  • Non emergency Security Helpline 01904 324444
  • Emergencies only Security line: 01904 323333 or FREEPHONE 0800 433333

    These numbers are available 24 hours a day

Stay Safe: Download the SafeZone App

Student Support

Student Support co-ordinates and promotes a variety of organisations, providing advice on everything from housing and money to health and mental wellbeing. Some groups are organised centrally by the University, some are student-led and some faith-led.

Other sources of support:

  • Togetherall a free 24/7 online support, an anonymous global communitywith support from trained professionals. You can sign up with your academic university email address.

  • Open Door a team of Mental Health Practitioners providing support to registered students experiencing psychological or mental health difficulties. The service is free and open to all Univerity of York students.

  • Your Doctor can provide support, refer you for NHS treatment, and if appropriate, discuss medication for some mental health difficulties. 

Online information:

  • Healthwatch York:  Mental Health and Wellbeing in York.  A guide to local and national support services offering in-person, telephone and online support
  • The Student Health and Wellbeing web pages
  • The Health Centre website

Other people you could talk to:

Contact Security

Non emergency: 
Security Helpline 01904 324444

Emergencies only: 
Security Emergency line: 01904 323333,  FREEPHONE 0800 433333 or via the Safezone app

These numbers are available 24 hours a day