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Recurring events

The following events are staples on the Wentworth calendar. Keep up to date with when they’re next on by checking the events feed, social media or Wentworth newsletter.

Wentworth in Town 

Wentworth in town is a series of guest speaker events with networking and discussion. It’s a friendly and supportive environment among peers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. 

The events take place at Wentworth, online and at King’s Manor in the city centre.

York Research Talks

York Research Talks is a series of public engagement events targeted at research students (PhD, MRes) and early career researchers at York who have not had opportunities to present their research. The public facing events will:
• Provide postgrads and ECRs with the opportunity to present their research in a comfortable and supportive environment via a series of three public outreach style events.
• Fill the gap in opportunities for PhD/ECRs/MRes to gain experience in presenting their work outside that offered in their department.
• Encourage interdisciplinary interactions within the postgraduate community.
• Encourage interaction between postgraduates/ECRs and the wider York community

The Emerging Researchers’ Forum

The Emerging Researchers’ Forum is a new informal network for researchers (PhD, MRes, ECRs) to share knowledge, offer peer-support and socialise with those at a similar level within the university. The Forum aims to bridge the gap between PhDs and ECRs in providing a platform for skill sharing in an unassuming and friendly setting with events and activities geared to improving the researcher experience.

Postgraduate Community Garden

Our Postgraduate Community Garden initiative aims to:

  • cultivate an organic, postgrad-run food garden
  • increase awareness & involvement in ethical food production, sustainability, and environmental management (and associated topics like climate change, etc.)
  • create engaging avenues to promote connection between people and their connection with their environment.

Beyond being a community garden, the Postgraduate Community Garden brings opportunities for a variety of events and programs that enrich student-community-environment connection and highlight important issues surrounding climate change, food waste, ethical agriculture, local gardening and cooking as an act of community, culture, and ethical citizenship, and more.

York Postgraduate Free School

The York Postgraduate Free School is a platform that facilitates the free exchange of knowledge- and skill-sharing and for the meeting of like-minded community. The main objective is to take learning beyond the rigid academic setting of a lecture hall or seminar, to liberate knowledge from university, and to share skills not often valued by formal systems of education. Postgraduate members at the University of York are encouraged to propose to teach a class on anything (These classes can come in any format imaginable: classes, discussions, workshops, screening, reading groups, field trips, gatherings, and more) and/or also participate as a learner. For more information on how to get involved please join our Facebook page.

Wentworth Writing Retreats

The aim of a writing retreat is to give dedicated writing time to those in need of progressing their projects, providing a supportive environment and an opportunity to share good writing practice with other writers. 

Example projects include writing book or thesis chapters, journal articles, research proposals, conference abstracts/papers, reports, etc.

Each event includes writing and planning activities, followed by intense, short periods of writing, and structured breaks that include movement activities. Please note: this is not a teaching activity.