Our dedicated team of staff and students are here to offer support and advice and point you in the right direction if needed.

Your support network

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Our reception is at the Wentworth Nucleus Building. For opening times and contact details, see:

College Administrator

Deals with the day to day running of the college. Your first point of contact for general enquiries and support.

College Manager

Your college's operational lead. Oversees welfare issues and can talk through more serious concerns if needed.

College Life Advisor

Supports college community activity and offers peer support for issues such as homesickness and settling in.


Wentworth College reception is located at the Wentworth Nucleus Building. We assist students, staff and visitors by providing advice, directions and information on all University services as well as support with residential mail, keys and fault reporting. We are open 7am to 11pm, Monday to Friday, plus mobile support 24/7.

Call us on +44 (0)1904 323000 

Email us at wentworth-reception@york.ac.uk 

Find out more about reception services

Your College Administrator: Barry Crump

Hi, I’m Barry - your key point of contact during office hours, responsible for providing day-to-day administration; liaising with teams across the university and organising and promoting Wentworth activities and events. A key part of my role is ensuring you're kept up to date with what's going on, so expect to hear from me regularly!

I’ve worked at York since 2011; from Accommodation Services, to Alcuin College Administrator; to Departmental Postgraduate Administrator. I studied at York for nine years, completing my research degree in 2015. Alongside my role, I research archaeology and am a keen musician (building and repairing guitars and guitar pedals) and enjoy delivering talks and workshops about both.

Given my varied experience and having studied here myself, I can help discuss any problems and point you where to go to get them fixed.

Your College Manager: Dr Claire Anderson

Hi, I’m Claire - It is my role to stimulate a cohesive community that encourages academic attainment, diversity, and wellbeing here at Wentworth.

I graduated from the University of St Andrews with a Ph.D. in International Relations but soon discovered my love of supporting student success was greater than my love of 17th Century political philosophy, and quickly changed my career.

I've worked at some of the best Universities in the world, including Queen's University, Canada, and the University of St Andrews, and worked with the Colleges of Excellence opening up women's colleges in Saudi Arabia, before joining the University of York.

I work closely with our College Team to help empower our members to shape their community and develop their skills while at university. I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to get involved. 

Your College Life Advisors

Your College Life Advisors are postgraduate students who work with the college to promote and support community activity and offer peer support for issues such as making friends, networking, and settling into postgraduate life at York. They work closely with the rest of the college team.

Thomas Wright

"Hi I'm Thomas, I'm a 4th year History PhD here at York, as well as being one of your Wentworth College Life Advisors. I've worked in the college for a number of years now, and it is always a pleasure to meet our members, new and old, so if you see me in and around the college be sure to come and say hi!"





Dorien Scheets

"Hi there! My name is Dorien Scheets. I’m studying my MA in Applied Human Rights here at the University of York. Though I’m only in my first year of postgraduate study, I’m no rookie when it comes to balancing school, work, maintaining a social life, and nurturing wellbeing. I also know how exciting, engaging, and fun this time as a postgrad can be! I’m here to support you through the downs and the ups. I can offer peer support, answer questions, and point you towards our many campus and college resources. I’ll also be putting together some engaging community events and workshops for us to enjoy this year. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out or drop in."


Thomas Shutt

"I'm Thom, a PhD student based in the physics department. My research looks at "asteroseismology" - pulsating stars! I'm obsessed with all things space, so if you sent me off talking about it I might never stop. When I'm not doing my PhD, I also do lots of teaching across a few departments (I love talking to people!); as well as doing bits of art and photography. And I also work in a lively pub in York!"




Alyson Lai

Hi I'm Alyson! I'm currently reading for a PhD in
History of Art, and I'm interested in all sorts: modernism, art
theory, languages, cats (I can go on). As an international
postgraduate student myself, I understand that moving abroad is a
daunting experience and on top of that, balancing social/work life is
stressful. I am here to offer you support with all that and make sure
you have a positive experience here at Wentworth, so feel free to
reach out or say hi whenever you see me around!




Your College Principal: Russell Yates

Russell Yates is a Lecturer in the Department of Health Sciences.

He joined the college as Provost in July 2010 and in August 2015 he transferred to the role of Head of College.

As College Principal Russell is responsible for providing strategic leadership.

He chairs the College Council and is a member of the University’s senior community, extending and strengthening relations with wider communities within the University and City of York.

Wentworth Graduate Common Room Committee

The Wentworth Graduate Common Room Committee (GCRC) is a way to bridge the gap between the University of York’s postgraduate students, the college team, and the University.  

The GCRC helps plan and run exciting events, shape the college’s facilities and services, represent students’ voices at college team meetings, and bring issues to the university’s central team. It’s a great way to get involved at a college level and help to reshape Wentworth so it works for you.

Contact them at wentworth-gcrc@york.ac.uk or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

The Wentworth Staff Common Room Committee

The Wentworth Staff Common Room Committee (SCRC) aims to get staff involved in college life by organising social events, trips and discussions. Members can also enjoy the benefits of the Staff & Graduate Common Room and are invited to the Annual General Meeting, where we plan future events.

All members of staff are welcome! Membership costs £10 per year and gives you access to common rooms and invitations to all SCR events at a subsidised price. 

Other help and support

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Our reception is at the Wentworth Nucleus Building. For opening times and contact details, see: