Photograph of The Garage Band Practice Space

Garage Recording Studio: Get your band recorded or learn to use the studio to record your band

For any members of the Univeristy community, staff or students, looking to start a band, or looking for space to rehearse, look no further: The Garage is a moden band practice space, located at The Warren on Vanbrugh Way, equipped with an expanded drum-kit, guitar and bass amps, PA system, mics and an electric piano, the space is used by groups looking for space to jam or for established bands to rehearse before gigs.

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To use the band practice space

Join Vanbrugh Rocks: As a member you'll get access to our facilities (The Garage, Recording Studio and Instrument Lending Library) advice and information from our Rock Tutor and Music Staff, and invitations to our music events, workshops and gigs.

  1. For Current Students at the University of York and Current Staff Members

    For Alumni of the University of York

  2. Membership for 2018-19 is FREE for Vanbrugh Students; for Staff, Alumni and University of York Students from other colleges at the University of York, there is a £25/anum fee which goes towards replacing and upgrading equipment. The fee is often waived for those contributing time towards Vanbrugh College and the Vanbrugh Music Project.


Book a Rehersal Session

Available Sessions:

  • Practice sessions are available to be booked 24 hours a day all year round. 
  • Check the google calendar for available sessions (you must log in with your University Email address - personal google accounts will not have access). 
  • Busy periods are 10am to Midnight, Mon-Fri, during term-time.
  • Each member may book up to 3 hours per week during busy periods, either in one session or split into two or three.
  • Outside of the busy periods you may book additional or longer sessions. 
  • Regular repeat bookings (one per week, per group) are accepted, however if you fail to turn up for a booking and do not inform the Assitant Head of College, then your regular booking will be cancelled.

To Book: Please email the Garage Bookings email address: to book your session.  This email address is monitored part-time so we advise giving at least 48 hours notice before the booking, but if you want to try to get a last minute booking, you are welcome to try to contact us.

How did it all start?

Once upon a time...

The space was first established as a practice space for Vanbrugh bands, by Dr David Efird (Vanbrugh Provost -2013) when, in 2008, he purchased a drum kit and allowed students to use the garage at his house to practice.  A few years down the road, and with the help of the Alumni Fund and the then Vice-Chancellor, Brian Cantor, who all contributed towards costs, Vanbrugh has its own fully functioning practice space.  In 2012 we added the facility of a recording studio and in 2013 we installed a ventilation system to keep our active musicians cool.

The College gives thanks to David Efird, Steven Burton, Edd Caine, Georgina Heath, Will Bennett and Luke Sarjant for all their hard work in helping to create this space.









Bands from The Garage

Email to link your band to our website.





We are looking for people to take over the following jobs:

  • voluteers to help with cataloguing our equipment and creating user guides or videos

Studio Technicians Wanted:

Do you have experience of using a recording studio and want to become one of the Garage Recording Studio Technicians?  If so, email Steven Burton (

New Additions:

Due to mistreatment of the space, and despite holding out against this for many years, we have now had to install CCTV in The Garage.  This will not record audio and records for up to 30 days, with the images viewed only by the Assistant Head of College unless action is required by Security or the police.

Borrowing Equipment:

The Instrument Lending Library, in The Warren Music Office (first floor) now includes two drum kits.  Borrow items for practice or recording sessions, gigs or for long-term private practice.   

Booking The Garage

Calendar of available slots

Borrowing Equipment:

No equipment may be removed from The Garage. 

Vanbrugh Instrument Lending Library has equipment to borrow or hire for gigs or practicing. 

Donating Equipment:

All donations are gratefully received.  If you wish to add an item to our inventory, please contact the Assistant Head of Vanbrugh College,

Other Practice Spaces

Join the Music Society and get access to practice rooms in Derwent.