Accessibility statement

Here are some frequently-asked questions for students moving into James College accommodation

What should I bring with me to James?

If you are moving into college accommodation, there are a number of things you might want to bring. Check out what to bring and what to leave at home.

What about my bike?

All James College residents have key card access to bicycle stores. Residents in Blocks G, H, J, K, L and M should use the store adjacent to their block. Residents in other blocks should use the stores as indicated below:

  • A & F Blocks to use bicycle store adjacent to G & H Blocks
  • B to use L
  • C to use M
  • D to use J
  • E to use K
  • N to use the bicycle shed located next to the computer room

Bicycles must not be taken into any University building and in particular may not be taken in to study bedrooms.

How do I connect my computer, tablet and smartphone?

All James College study bedrooms have wired and wireless access to the University network. There are also computer rooms available around the college, and around campus.

How does cleaning work?

We have a number of part time cleaners whose activities are co-ordinated by the Cleaning Manager. The cleaner’s job is to maintain the cleanliness of common areas for the benefit of all members of the college. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that rooms, kitchens and other areas of the college are kept in a tidy state. You can see more about cleaning, what you need to do and what we do in your Residents' Handbook.

If you have a problem in your accommodation you can log it online at Emergencies can be reported to the security centre on (32) 4444.

What about my keys?

Keys and keycards can be collected from and returned to the James College Reception.  It is located at the front of the Roger Kirk Centre and staffed 24 hours.  However, on our main arrivals day in September keys and keycards are issued from James Hall.  

Blocks A-F and N use both keys and keycards for access. Blocks G-M use keycards only. In the event of a student losing a key/keycard they should immediately report the matter to the College Reception located at the front of the Roger Kirk Centre. Keycards can be replaced by the Porter and a spare key borrowed for a maximum of 48 hours.

If a student finds their missing key there will be no charge providing the spare key is returned promptly.  If necessary students can obtain a permanent replacement from the College Administrator during office hours. A charge of £10.00 per key or keycard replaced will be levied which can either be added to their student account or paid in cash and a receipt issued.

Where can I do my laundry?

James College has two laundries, one located on the main access road opposite F block and the second in the college nucleus.  Both laundries are open 24 hours a day. Please do not leave laundry in machines beyond the cycle time. It is deeply inconsiderate to do so and in consequence, deny the facility to others who may be waiting.

How do I get my post?

The majority of Post Office mail is delivered to the postboxes outside the accommodation blocks, a key is provided for residents of each flat/house to share which is kept on a hook on each kitchen noticeboard. This direct delivery is dependent upon the use of the accurate postcode address. Please note that all post for N block is delivered to the Porter’s Lodge.

Other incoming mail, including internal corrrespondence, is put in the student pigeon-holes which are located opposite the Central JCR. Students should check these frequently. Registered or Special Delivery mail is kept in the Porter’s Lodge and a display board indicates mail awaiting collection.

External mail may be posted in one of the several mailboxes around campus. The nearest mail box to James College is located outside the Roger Kirk Centre. Internal mail may be sent via the Porter’s Lodge.

Can I smoke in the college?

Smoking is not permitted in any building in James College, and you must be 2 metres away from any building in order to smoke.

What does my room code mean?

‌Room Codes explained

Room codes on campus can be confusing, but they all follow a similar system.

The letters at the start tell you which building the room is in.

James college rooms all start with "J" (although sometime N Block is still given its old code "G/C", just to confuse you).

The next letter, after the "/", is your block. So, "J/F" is James College, F Block.

The first digit of the room number is your floor: 0 is Ground Floor, 1 is First Floor, 2 is Second Floor.

International Students - in Britain, when we refer to the "First Floor", we mean the first one above the Ground Floor. In many countries, the ground floor and the first floor are the same thing. Not so here.

So, "J/F/104" is James College, F Block, First Floor, Room number 104.


‌Which flat/house am I in?

So, you know your building and your floor. However, in James some accommodation (Blocks A, B, C, D, E and F) are divided into houses, where all 3 floors share a common kitchen on the ground floor, and the rest are divided into flats, where each floor has its own kitchen.

Here is the complete list of houses and flats in James, and which rooms fall into which. (please bear in mind that some kitchens and bathrooms also have room numbers, so they might also be included in the ranges.) 

BlockHouse/FlatRoom Numbers
A House A1




A House A2




A House A3




B House B1




B House B2




B House B3




C House C1




C House C2




C House C3




D House D1




D House D2




D House D3




E House E1




E House E2




F House F1




F House F2




F House F3




G Flat G1 G/001-007
G Flat G2 G/101-110
G Flat G3 G/201-210
H Flat H1 H/001-009
H Flat H2 H/101-109
H Flat H3 H/201-209
J Flat J1 J/001-009
J Flat J2 J/010-018
J Flat J3 J/101-109
J Flat J4 J/110-118
J Flat J5 J/201-209
J Flat J6 J/210-218
K Flat K1 K/001-009
K Flat K2 K/010-018
K Flat K3 K/101-109
K Flat K4 K/110-118
K Flat K5 K/201-209
K Flat K6 K/210-218
L Flat L1 L/001-009
L Flat L2 L/010-018
L Flat L3 L/101-109
L Flat L4 L/110-118
L Flat L5 L/201-209
L Flat L6 L/210-218
M Flat M1 M/001-007
M Flat M2 M/008-014
M Flat M3 M/101-107
M Flat M4 M/108-114
M Flat M5 M/201-207
M Flat M6 M/208-214
N Flat N1 N/001-019
N Flat N2 N/021-041
N Flat N3 N/101-124
N Flat N4 N/126-146
N Flat N5 N/201-224
N Flat N6 N/226-246