Accessibility statement

About the college

James College's greatest strength is its diversity. Our students come from all over the world, from a huge variety of backgrounds and study a broad range of subjects. We encourage everyone to explore their own identity, to feel respected and valued, and to challenge themselves to try new experiences and make new friends throughout their time at York.

Founded in the mid-1990s, James College is named after Lord James of Rusholme, the first Vice Chancellor of the University of York. Build around landscaped quads with lakeside views, the college has a big range of facilities including a huge dining hall, cocktail bar, Lakeside Common Room and the James Lodge, which hosts study rooms, a kitchen, more common rooms and a picnic area for all students to enjoy.

The college boasts a wide range of sports teams and other activity groups, and is always looking for new initiatives to support. James is a genuinely student-run community; our students have a say on everything, from voting for their very first Freshers event to deciding what the college invests in each year. Our JCRC are our student leaders, and they work very closely with the College Staff to make sure there's something on offer for everyone in James - and if what you want isn't on offer, then we support you to set it up yourself!