Student Support

For most people, coming to University is a major life changing experience which can bring with it new types of stress, unfamiliar feelings and occasionally unfamiliar behaviours.

The support network here is great.  The College Team and other university support networks can help to make your time here at York as healthy, productive and problem-free as possible.

College Team

The College Team should be your first point of contact.  We are here to offer you support through whatever challenges you face. We are happy to listen and provide advice on how you can resolve an issue. We can point you in the direction of specialists to help you resolve most things.

The Key contacts are:

  • College Manager, Jonny Lovell
  • College Administrator, Jacqui Fountain
  • College Tutors, Bethany Bradford, Ben Noble, Dan Rogers and Charlotte Taylor
  • Constantine Mentor (STYMs - Second and Third Year Mentors)

In an emergency, especially at night when the college team is not around:

Contact Security on 01904 32 3333

If you want to know more about what activities you can get involved in, how to access different university or external services, or want signposting to support services, you can speak to your Mentor.  Mentors can also be a good first point of contact if you are finding it difficult to make friends or get involved in things.  Mentors will visit your kitchen regularly each term to check in with you.  You could also contact them via the Tutor email address, below. 

For general queries, help with academic or personal problems, or concerns about other people, you can contact your College Tutor. Their email address is  Or you can call in to the regular Tutor drop-ins in The Forum, details of which are here.

If your problem or concern is of a serious nature, you can contact the College Manager: 

Can't get hold of your Tutor? 

  • During office hours, visit or email the College Administrator

Student Support Services

Student Support Services offer a range of professional support services for students. This ranges from housing and money advice to mental health and well-being.

See Student Support Services for full details or visit the Student Hub in Market Square.