Welcome to Constantine!

Welcome to Constantine College! My name’s Jonny Lovell, and as Assistant Head of College it’s my job to ensure that Constantine is a great place to be a student, with a strong feeling of community and lots of opportunities to get involved in college life. 

In the time since we opened, our students have created a culture that’s friendly and welcoming, but also encourages people to challenge themselves and take some risks. Students run regular film and free food nights, and have organised balls and outdoor music events. We have a small number of college clubs already up and running, but we’re really keen for students to set up their own activities, so if something’s not happening and you think it should be, come and talk to me and I’ll see if I can help you make it happen.

As a Constantine student (whether you live in the college or not), you’ll have 24/7 access to The Forum, which is at the heart of the college. Upstairs is a common room with TVs, pool and table tennis tables, games consoles, dartboard, a piano and an electric keyboard, and lots of space to chill out. We also have a quiet study room with a small fiction library and some computers. The college staff are based in the offices downstairs.

If you’re joining us in September, the college web pages contain lots of information designed to help you to prepare. Use the navigation bar on the left, and watch the videos in the right hand sidebars to hear from some of the students you’ll be joining. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!



          Dr Jonny Lovell

    Assistant Head of College

What makes Constantine great!