About the College


Constantine College opened in September 2014, and is the University of York's newest college. Over the last four years our students have built a community that is active, inclusive and ambitious. 

Located on Campus East, Constantine is home to just over 600 resident students. Our wide range of small, special interest events create social networks, and students are encouraged to try new things. A focus on volunteering and enterprise provides opportunities for students to develop skills and experience, and explore who they want to be. Our link with local charity Refugee Action York allows students to make a positive contribution to the local community.

Our study-bedrooms have larger beds (3/4 size doubles) with televisions in the shared kitchens. Flats are organised in blocks which provides both privacy and the opportunity to meet other people in the block. Regular opportunities to socialise include the weekly highlight of "Constantreat": an opportunity to meet friends and relax with free food.

What Constantine means to our students


“Constantine really embraces the social side of uni life. We've all got different interests and different personalities, and Constantine is here to cater for them all.”

 Joe Collins, Vice Chair of Wellbeing for CSA