Staff participate in the workshop “The Juridification of Justice: Potentials and Limitations”

News | Posted on Wednesday 29 May 2024

Dr Mattia Pinto participated in a workshop convened by Nora Jaber (University of Exeter) and Tor Krever (University of Cambridge) at the University of Exeter on 18 and 19 April. 

Mattia presented a paper entitled “Questioning the penal accountability paradigm in addressing ongoing atrocities in Israel and Palestine”, co-authored with Professor Natasa Mavronicola.

The paper explores the limitations of criminal punishment in dealing with ongoing atrocities in Palestine. It argues that a focus on criminal accountability (1) gives states the (undue) benefit of the doubt; (2) decontextualises, individualises, and exceptionalises atrocities; (3) marginalises or delegitimises alternative forms of accountability and condemnation; and (4) ultimately undermines prevention.

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