CAHR Research Associate contributes to flagship publication on children and armed conflict

News | Posted on Saturday 1 June 2024

CAHR partner 'Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict' has published its annual flagship report.

The publication, "A Credible List: Recommendations for the Secretary-General’s 2024 Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict", was launched on 16 April in New York.

The report collates information evidencing the five grave violations against children in armed conflict that “trigger” listing of armed actors: recruitment and use, killing and maiming, rape and other forms of sexual violence, attacks on schools and hospitals, and abduction. The listing process encourages accountability for non-compliance with international humanitarian and human rights law violations against children in war. 

At the launch event, CAHR Research Associate Samantha Holmes, who led the research for the report, presented its methodology and key findings. Watchlist was joined by panellists from Human Rights Watch and Save the Children who spoke on the impact of conflicts on children in Sudan, Haiti and Israel and the OPT.

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