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Molecular Interactions

equipment and services

  • Investigation of protein function behaviour
  • Hydrodynamic analysis of macromolecules, Rapid enzyme kinetics and ligand binding
  • Protein and complex molecular weight determinations by mass spectrometry
EquipmentMake / model
Analytical ultracentrifugation Beckman Optima XL-I, velocity and equilibrium cells
Circular dichromator
Jasco J-1500 with Peltier temperature control and Biologic SFM300 stop-flow accessory
Fluorometer Fluoromax-4 with fluorescence polarisation facility and temperature controlled waterbath
Isothermal titration calorimeter MicroCal VP-ITC, Single Injection Method capable
Microplate readers BMG Clariostar and Polarstar systems for absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence polarisation and luminescence, 96-well and other formats
Electrospray mass spectrometry Waters LCT Premier XE (Currently out of action - please consult MAP lab for protein MS work.)
SEC-MALLS  - Size Exclusion Chromatography - Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering Wyatt Dawn HELEOS-II 18-angle light scattering detector and Wyatt Optilab rEX refractive index monitor linked to a Shimadzu LC-20 HPLC system, GE Superdex SEC columns
 Surface plasmon resonance Biacore T100 upgraded to T200
UV/VIS spectrophotometer Jasco V560 Peltier temperature ramp and reflecting sphere
Gel and Phosphor Scanners GE Amersham Typhoon-5 fluorescence gel and blot scanner with RGB and 2IR lasers, Biorad PMI system for phosphor screen (IP) autoradiography
Microscale Thermophoresis Nanotemper Monolith NT115 MST system with red/blue filters
Nanoscale differential scanning fluorimetry Nanotemper Prometheus NT.48 NanoDSF system with aggregation and high temperature options
Density meter Anton Paar DSA5000
Rapid reaction kinetics Applied Photophysics SX18MV with photodiode array