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Density Meter


Anton Paar DSA5000 Density and Sound Velocity Meter
The DSA5000 is intended for accurate measurement of the density of liquid samples between 0 and 3 g/ml. The density of a solution can be used to determine concentration of a solute if suitable tables or reference standards are available (commercially this is used for sugar, alcohol and sulphuric acid solutions). In biophysical research the density of buffer solutions is an important parameter in the analysis of analytical ultracentrifugation data. Density data has also been used to investigate hydration of proteins and non-ideal behaviour of macromolecules in "crowded" solutions approximating to the physiological conditions in cells.


The machine requires at least 1 ml for a simple density measurement, 2 ml or more for simultaneous density and sound velocity measurements (it is wise to have 5 ml or so available). Samples must be homogeneous (filter or spin if necessary) and free of gas bubbles - keep samples at room temperature (20C) and degas before measuring. The measuring cells contain PTFE, borosilicate glass and (sound velocity cell) stainless steel 316Ti. Most samples are compatible with these materials but ask if you are in doubt - fluorides and very alkaline solutions (pH >12) are potentially damaging to the cell.


The DSA5000 is fitted with a semi-automatic sample filling system. This requires rather more volume than manual filling but is more convenient for large numbers of samples.



Anton Paar DSA5000