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York School of Architecture

A new department to lead in societally-informed design

York positioned to become a leader in societally-informed design.

Launching in September 2025, the new York School of Architecture will innovate how we educate design professionals, through an interdisciplinary approach of being culturally informed, inclusive, creative and sustainable.

We'll take advantage of our context as a heritage city to inform future developments, embracing computational modelling and design as an essential part of our creative studio work.

We aim to be academically challenging and adopt methodologies that draw on practical interaction with the wider community; locally, nationally and beyond the UK.

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York School of Architecture
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Studying architecture in the new school

Our new school will offer an exciting opportunity to re-think the student experience. Establishing a focus on real-world 'projects' from the outset, our courses will place an emphasis on teamwork, co-design, non-standard educational routes and multi-cohort teaching.

The school will open for BA Architecture students in September 2025, and Master of Architecture students at a later date, as part of a suite of professional programmes resulting in RIBA/ARB accreditation.

The new school will sit in the Arts and Humanities faculty, but will also act as a hub for collaboration across the wider University for teaching and research in architectural design and related disciplines.

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Building our new school

Our new Head of School, Lorraine Farrelly.

The creation of the York School of Architecture is a University of York Transformational Initiative, led from its inception by Ambrose Field, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Global Strategy, harnesses the exciting opportunity to re-think the student experience, focusing on team work, co-design, non-standard educational routes and multi-cohort teaching that is focused around real-world 'projects' from the outset.

In 2023 the initial Architecture staff team was appointed, led by Professor Lorraine Farrelly as Head of School, and are working together to build key teaching and research capabilities. Her expertise is complemented by Director of Research Professor Gamal Abdelmonem and BA Architecture Programme Lead, Doctor Ehab Kamel.

Professor Farrelly said: "Architecture schools are always about place and the City of York’s heritage, combined with the reputation of the University’s expertise, will offer a brilliant context for teaching and research collaboration.

"What also really interested me about this role is setting up the new school to respond to the University’s mission - existing for public good. I’m looking forward to helping develop a curriculum where responsible design considers society first, and where architects and built environment professionals really connect with their communities in the design of our sustainable cities and public spaces."

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