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At the University of York, sexual misconduct - including sexual violence and harassment of any form - is never, ever acceptable.

Content warning: this page, and some of the pages linked to, discuss themes of sexual violence.

There is help available if you have, or someone you know has, experienced sexual harassment, assault or violence. You can also find out more from the University of York Student Union (YUSU) about help and support.

A safer place to live, work and study

We’re determined to keep improving, as well as share the actions we are taking.

Above all, we are listening to each other about the best ways to prevent, respond to, and investigate incidents of sexual misconduct.

In 2021, we agreed our University Sexual Violence Action Plan and began work on meeting its aims. We will keep you updated on the progress we make.

Our most recent progress

  • Updated the information that we gather on Report + Support, and reviewed the support content
  • Provided additional training, learning and awareness raising for students and staff
  • Renewed and extended the provision of free transport to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre and sexual health services
  • Reviewed student discipline paperwork
  • Become a Third Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crime
  • Shared good practice with other institutions

Read our review of the progress we made in 2022-23

We’re listening and evolving our actions based on insight from our Report and Support tool and student feedback.

In 2021, we responded to the recommendations of The Last Taboo, a student campaigning group, and this fed into our Sexual Violence Action Plan.

In 2022, we gathered feedback from students as we compiled our review of progress made in 2021-22. Students who used the Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO) service gave unanimously positive feedback on the support that they received:

“I’ve felt supported by her [the SVLO] at every step of the way. I think the whole service is phenomenal, and the less formal atmosphere just made me feel so comfortable.”

A University of York student, speaking to The Tab, offered praise for the approach to tackling sexual violence:

"The problem of sexual violence is a universal issue for all universities to solve, but the effort made by the University of York is a good place to start."